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As a rule, the training sailing ship (STS) "Kruzenshtern annually makes three training voyages on different routes. The schedule depends on the barque’s participation in socially significant events and regattas in different waters and ports. Navigation usually starts in March-April, and in fall the vessel returns to Kaliningrad, where during autumn and winter she undergoes necessary repairs or dry docking.

During each training voyage which lasts no less than 2 and no more than 4 months, there are 120 cadets on board. They are the cadets of maritime educational insitutions of the Russian Federal Agency for Fisheries (Rosrybolovstvo): navigators, marine engineers, and radio operators. They undergo their first practical training based on their colleges or academy’s pragrams.

Where is the Barque Now

You can keep track of the recent “Kruzenshtern’s” location on an interactive map.

Position Fix: 43.4020; 3.7002
The latest update: 07.03.2020 06:31:00 am


Welcome aboard the legendary sailing ship "Kruzenshtern". Here you can find comprehensive information about the barque.
04.05.2018 12:08:49 pm
Kruzenshtern visited Barcelona and Sète
In Spain cadets and crew attended an art exhibition, while in France the sail training ship took part in festival Escale à Sète.
03.22.2018 11:33:12 am
Kruzenshtern in Vigo
The barque has already left the port and is now heading to Barcelona.
03.13.2018 11:56:35 am
The Kruzenshtern Started The Navigation of 2018
The vehicle is ready for the big water. The repair works are finished and the food supplies are loaded on board. During the voyage #1/125 the Kruzenshtern plans to call in ports of Spain, France and Germany and totally cover over 6000 marine miles.
06.21.2017 11:01:59 am
Baltic Fishing Fleet State Academy Accepts Sedov Into Service
On the 1st of June the academy held a press conference and told about plans on the barque. On the 18th of June the vessel started her first voyage of 2017 and first under the flag of BFFSA.
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