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Kruzenshtern Is 96!

06.23.2022 02:29:00 pm
For 20 years the world has known this vessel as Padua and for 76 as Kruzenshtern. The sailing ship has become a legend a long time ago. History and modernity, beauty and utility, great ideas and their beautiful embodiments are all wonderfully soldered in this beautiful ship.

The former Padua was launched in 1926 in Bremerhaven, serial number S-408. Despite her age, Kruzenshtern has been working for many years as a sailing school. Her chronicle is a series of successes and creative breakthroughs. These include victories in races, two round-the-world voyages and transatlantic crossings. In 2010, the ship became an honored guest of the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver and in 2014 it took part in the celebration of Winter Olympics in Sochi.

In 2015, the Kruzenshtern with cadets on board made a historical and memorial expedition, in 2019/2020 – a transatlantic crossing as part of the Sails of the World sailing expedition of the Federal Agency for Fisheries. In the South Atlantic, in a symbolic 200-mile memorial regatta in honor of the 200th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica, the Kruzenshtern snatched victory from the Sedov and Pallada.

Over the past year, a large-scale layer of work has been undertaken on board vessel during which the main engines have been replaced, and the sailboat was docked. At the end of April, the Kruzenshtern moved from the Shipyard in Svetliy to the Kaliningrad Sea Fishing Port, and on May 9, 2022, in cooperation with the flotilla of the Museum of the World Ocean, the barque joined the Victory Horn campaign.

After the mooring and sea trials are completed, the Kruzenshtern will sail again and carry out her usual job of preparing young sailors for their professional career.