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How Many Round-the-World Voyages Did the Kruzenshtern Do?

06.20.2022 02:26:00 pm
If we talk about the Kruzenshtern itself, then there are no discrepancies: the training barque went around the globe twice – in 1995-1996 and 2005-2006.

However not everything is clear regarding the times when the sailboat was called Padua. It is not clear how the barque returned from Australia on her last pre-war voyage in 1939. Was it through the Indian Ocean or through the Pacific? Description of all of the previous voyages of the Padua can be found in some detail in the literature, but for some reason information about the last passage from Port Lincoln to Glasgow is not presented in available sources. And how many round-the-world trips are there in the biography of the legendary barque - two or three? - the author has not yet been able to find out ...

S.A. Balakin

Source: the book "Circle of Kruzenshtern"