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What Is the Total Area of the Kruzenshtern Sails?

06.14.2022 02:23:00 pm
There is no doubt that the view of the Kruzenshtern under full sail makes a strong impression. But when it comes to specific information about the area of the sails of the barque, a variety of options can be found, up to the curious "four square kilometers"!

It should be noted that during the service the barque's windage has changed several times. Initially, the Padua reduced the size of the staysails, and the total sail area was 3400 sq.m., which is approximately 400 sq.m. less than its predecessors. Later, staysails of the usual size were returned to the ship. Today, Kruzenshtern has three options for setting all sails: maximum racing (34 sails, 3722 sq.m.), operational normal (31 sails, 3553 sq.m.) and reduced operational (30 sails, 3367 sq.m.) . In practice, the first option is rarely used.

Source: the book "Circle of Kruzenshtern"