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Line-crossing ceremony on the Kruzenshtern

01.15.2020 12:20:38 pm
On January 9, at 19:40 ship’s time, the barque Kruzenshtern safely crossed the equator. The day of crossing the Equator is called the Day of Neptune. Hardcore seafarers made a theatrical performance to leave a good memory of this significant event.

Preparations for Neptune Day began immediately after leaving Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The crew and cadets were engaged in making fancy dresses and working on the script. 2E Alexey Osipenko and stewardess Daria Chichkina volunteered to play the parts of Neptune and mermaid accordingly. The bright retinue of Neptune was represented by ten people from different ship departments.

The holiday was great. On January 11, after lunch, everyone was informed about the arrival of the Lord of all seas and oceans. The captain asked Neptune's blessing for further navigation and received a symbolic key to the Southern seas. The Master was also the first to jump into seawater pool and the rest of the crew followed him. The pioneers of the Equator officially became deep sea seafarers after the festive ceremony and a number of tricky tests and competitions. Neptune handed them a Line-crossing certificate and wished them a good luck.

Photo and text by Evgenia Romanenko

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