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The Kruzenshtern in the Atlantic

12.26.2019 12:28:44 pm
On 19 December, Kruzenshtern left the Biscay Bay. When sun broke through the clouds it got much warmer. The temperature at seven in the morning rose to 18 degrees.

The ocean swell rolled the vessel, the list reached 20 degrees on both sides. It was hard to work, walk the corridors, eat and sleep.

The weather cleared up on December 23. There was a cleanup and bath day on board. Cadets handwashed their uniforms. They followed an old tradition and did the washing it right on the deck.

The Canary Islands are less than 250 miles away. The barque is expected to call at Santa Cruz de Tenerife as scheduled on December 25, right on Catholic Christmas day. The ship will stay at the port for 4 days.

Text and photo by Evgeniya Romanenko

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