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The Kruzenshtern left the dockyard

12.02.2019 01:51:20 pm
The barque Kruzenshtern after repair completion, made a passage from the Svetlyy shipyard to the Kaliningrad sea fishing port.

The training sailing vessel has been carefully examined and repaired at Svetlyy Shipyard to get prepared for Russian Maritime Register inspection.

There were two stages of preparation. There was an inspection of fresh water tanks, renovation of crew spaces and living accommodation, air conditioning system upgrading, and two new desalination plants installation to ensure long Atlantic crossings. In addition, maintenance of the main and auxiliary engines was carried out during the dockyard repair. This kind of maintenance is a mandatory requirement for the inspection of ships.

There was partial repair of ship systems and mechanisms and renovation of some spaces at the second stage.

Currently the training sailing vessel of the Baltic State Academy of fishing fleet – the Kruzenshtern is fully seaworthy. All participants of the first stage of the expedition settled in the living accommodation of the sailing vessel.

The ship has been scheduled to leave Kaliningrad on December 7.

Photo by Dennis Stein

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