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The Sedov and the Kruzenshtern were receiving guests

08.30.2019 10:05:13 am
In the early morning people were queueing at the check point of Kaliningrad Sea Fishing Port to visit the famous tall ships. Despite an unusually hot day many people preferred a tour to the Sedov and the Kruzenshtern to a beach holiday.

The visitors showed a lively interest not only in the history of the barques, but also in specifications of both vessels. There were numerous questions about the maximum speed of the famous windjammers, the area of sails, the height of the masts and the number of their crew. The cadets were happy to share their knowledge acquired during the voyage with the guests. By tradition there was a long waiting line on deck of each vessel to the helm and ship's bell. Everyone was keen on taking commemorative photos with these showpieces.