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The Kruzenshtern moored at her home port

08.30.2019 09:55:20 am
Rector of Kaliningrad State Technical University Vladimir Volkogon congratulated the cadets and crew on successful completion of the voyage. Barque’s Master Mikhail Eryomchenko thanked the guys for decent representation of their country in foreign ports.

During 2019 navigational season 360 cadets from Rosrybolovsvo's educational institutions were having their sea practice on board of the Kruzenshtern. The voyage enriched practical sea skills of the cadets, helped the guys to achieve common goals by means of teamwork while walking around the new ports brought them a lot of positive emotions.

Congratulations to the cadets and crew of the Kruzenshtern on successful completion of the third voyage! The best of luck!

Video by Dennis Shtein