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Kruzenshtern in Rouen

06.21.2019 12:24:11 pm
L'Armada 2019 festival officially opened on the 8th of June, however Kruzenshtern and Sedov called called in port a bit earlier, on the 5th of June. Both sailing ships spent 10 days at the port.

Over 50 vessels were available for the festival attendees to visit. Ship crews took part in crew parade, while the captains attended a special dinner for officers. Cadets got their dismissals and were able to go sightseeing and take part in the celebrations. Some cadets were lucky enough to go to the Abbey of St Wandrille, a Benedictine monastery in the commune of Saint-Wandrille-Rançon.

Approximately over 10 million people visited in the festival with over 20,000 of them visiting Kruzenshtern during the days of the festival.