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New Heights

11.18.2018 11:06:00 am
As we previously reported Kruzenshtern has finished the navigation of 2018. Before leaving the port of Kaliningrad for scheduled repair works in Svetly, the vessel participated in the opening of the brand new power line. Anchor-shaped lines are located at the exit of the Kaliningrad navigation channel and are 112 meters tall.

Those who follow Kruzenshtern closely are aware that the height of the barque’s masts can cause troubles when calling in some ports. For instance, in order to let the 55-meter tall sailing ship to participate in Armada Festival in Rouen (France) in 2013, the authorities had to perform a full-blown operation that took three days and included lifting up three bridges across Seine.

The new power lanes can be compared to the 36-store buildings. Each one weights 450 tons and can tolerate extreme winds up to 36 meters per second. The width of the anchors is 16 meters. Both power lines are equipped with lights to make them visible in the night time for both ships and airplanes. The constructions are already being qualified for a Record Book of Russia as the tallest shaped high-voltage lanes.