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Kruzenshtern has finished the navigation of 2018

09.13.2018 11:42:49 am
On the 6th of September sail training ship Kruzenshtern has called in port of Kaliningrad and finished her navigation of 2018. The vessel did three voyages and spent more than half a year sailing.

7th of March marked the start of this year’s navigation. During the voyages Kruzenshtern has visited the wine capital of the world Bordeaux and the northern capital Reykjavik, took park in many marine festivals and celebrations as well as Tall Ship Races regatta.

Sail training ship has hosted several high-profile meetings on board. Ilya Shestakov, the head of the Federal Agency of Fishery has held the meeting on 28th in Tórshavn (Faroe Islands). Several ministers of Fishery as well as ministers from the countries of Northern Atlantic have been in attendance.

This year Kruzenshtern also had foreign cadets on board. Over 30 representatives of the Marine Academy of Szczecin have made a passage from Poland to Germany. During the whole month polish group worked back to back with Russian cadets. Foreign group also included 14 female cadets and this sets the record for Kruzenshtern. Usually the ship hosts no more than 6 female cadets per voyage that are studying marine professions.

Cadets from Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg, Astrakhan and Kerch took part in the vessel’s life this year. Besides studying, upgrading professional skills and obtaining their first marine profession they receive unique experience of travelling the world, visiting different ports and taking part in parades, festivals, cultural exchange process etc. The barque has hosted many artists, musicians, photographers who took part in the voyages. The cultural programme on board Kruzenshtern has indeed been incredible this year.

This fall Kruzenshtern is going to host several more events. Among them are the ceremony of an initiation to cadets as well as open board for citizens and guests of Kaliningrad.

Photos by Eugenia Romanenko and others