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The voyage #2/126 has started

05.07.2018 03:02:26 pm
On the 2nd of May sail training ship Kruzenshtern has started her second voyage of 2018. The barque plans to call in ports of Germany, Norway, Poland, France and Faeroe islands. Kruzenshtern carries 115 cadets from Baltic Fishing Fleet State Academy, Kaliningrad Marine Fishery College, State Technical University of Astrakhan and Volga-Caspian Marine Fishery College.
The vessel met her colleague Sedov during the raid near Gdynia (Poland) on the 3rd of May. Now both sailing ships are heading to Hamburg (Germany) to take part in the annual Day of the Port celebration. Kruzenshtern is expected to finish the voyage on the 28th of June.

Here’s the schedule for voyage #2/126:

03.05 — Gdansk (Poland) [raid]
09.05 — Hamburg (Germany)
16.05 — Larvik (Norway)
25.05 — Świnoujście (Poland)
05.06 — Tórshavn (Faeroes)
14.06 — Bordeaux (France)
18.06 — Kaliningrad

At the moment cadets are passing the 10-day starters program to obtain the access to working with sails and on heights. On the 5th of May the barque passed under the Big Belt bridge in Denmark and is now crossing the Northern sea. On the same evening famous rock band from St. Petersburg Tequilajazzz performed on the upper deck for cadets and crew members of the sailing ships. After the gig the cadets took turn and performed several dance routines for everyone on board vessel.