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Kruzenshtern in Vigo

03.22.2018 11:33:12 am
The four-masted barque has been already sailing for two weeks since the start of the 2018 navigation. During this time a lot of events occurred on board of the vessel. The Kruzenshtern passed tough a 3-day storm in an Atlantic ocean, the cadets passed a 10-day program which now allows them to work on heights and with sails. The Kruzenshtern has replenished her stocks of fuel, while the heads of practice have held a meeting during which they discussed the studying process of cadets and plans for the new study year.

On the 10th of March an early Presidential Election have been held on board Kruzenshtern. 57 crew members, 3 heads of practice and 73 full age cadets have voted in total.

The barque called in Vigo on the Sunday, March the 17th. The cadets and the crew members were able to receive discharges, take some rest and explore the city. On the 18th of March Kruzenshtern left Vigo and headed to Barcelona. The barque is planning to call in Spanish city on the 23rd of March.