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Goin’ Home

06.02.2017 01:45:13 pm
Russian sail training ship Kruzenshtern plans to call in home port of Kaliningrad early in the morning on the 4th of June.

No celebration is planned, however the traditional formation of the crew and cadets is expected. The formation starts at 1 p.m. on board vessel, parents and relatives of the crew and cadets are going to be allowed in Kaliningrad Fishery Port to attend.

During the voyage №1/122 Kruzenshtern became home for 120 cadets from the Russian Federal Fisheries Agency. For over 1,5 months at sea 20 cadets from Astrakhan, 40 cadets from Saint-Petersburg, 50 cadets from Kaliningrad and 10 cadets from Kerch lived, sailed and studied on board vessel. During the last days of voyage young men and women are passing the exams to obtain their first marine profession and become qualified sailors or motorman.

Kruzenshtern called in Świnoujście (Poland), Hamburg (Germany) Antwerp and Ostend (Belgium). Over 30 000 people visited the sailing ship during her stay in ports.

This voyage has been marked with an anniversary of 50 years of Kruzenshtern sailing under the flag of Federal Fisheries Agency. Exactly 50 years ago the vessel sailed her first ever civilian voyage. The barque has been transferred from the expeditionary unit of the USSR Navy to the Ministry of Fisheries of USSR. During these years Kruzenshtern has been modernized, rebuilt and equipped with newest hardware and became the famous sailing ship we all know today. The vessel has had two circumnavigations, had two transatlantic voyages, won numerous awards and races and participated in many international projects. But most importantly, the famous School under the Sails released over 17 000 young sailors now working worldwide.

The stop between voyages is quite short. On the 14th of June Kruzenshern starts her second sailing of 2017.