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Barque history

Birth of the Windjammer
The four-masted barque built in Bremerhaven (Geestemünde) and launched in 1926 with the name "Padua", and for 70 years known throughout the world as the "Kruzenshtern" is a unique sailing ship.
Working youth
In the first voyage "Padua" set off from Hamburg on August 30, 1026 and in 74 days – on November 24th - she reached the Chilean port of Talcahuano.
The second world war
When guns fire and kill people there is no time to enjoy the romance of sails.
New name - new life
The barque’s service under the pennant of the Naval Fleet of the USSR.
The barque in a new uniform, but now in civil one
The first years of being a training sailing ship of the fishing industry fleet.
First international regattas
Weekdays of the sailing ship as part of the Baltic squad training ships.
The estonian period of the barque Kruzenshtern
Finding representative mission and the first earnings of the sailing ship.
Port of Registry - Kaliningrad
"School of sails" at Kaliningrad Higher Maritime Engineering College.
The first circumnavigation of «Kruzenshtern»
The expedition as devotion to the traditions of the Russian fleet and ambitious challenge to the realities of time.
The barque’s week days: regattas, training voyages, repairs
Aristocratism of the spirit: noble feat despite the elements.
Second circumnavigation
Confirm once his victory is sometimes very difficult.
Change captain
Kolomenskiy’s disciples in “Kruzenshtern’s” cabin.
The transatlantic Expedition
The broken mast, for the first time in her history the ship has passed through Panama Canal and moorage at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.
Home Winter Olympics in Sochi
Another Captain Change on the Barque.
International historical memorial expedition
Visiting the Black Sea ports of the hero-cities and waters of hostilities, repetition of the route of the Arctic convoys, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.
The barque «Kruzenshtern» turns 90
One year - and as many anniversaries: 70 years under the name of the famous navigator and 25 years as a part of the sea of high school, who turned 50 years old!

The barque «Kruzenshtern» turns 90

One year - and as many anniversaries: 70 years under the name of the famous navigator and 25 years as a part of the sea of high school, who turned 50 years old!

The year 2016 combined several big dates of the "Kruzenshtern". The main one, of course, was the 90th anniversary of the sailing ship. This age is respectable  even for a ship, so this fact became a cause for admiration of operability of the vessel and its technical condition. Before the start of the navigation, "Kruzenshtern" has completed repairs at Svetly shipyard, received another certification for a class of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and the necessary certification of emergency, rescue and fire fighting systems and equipment.

In the year 2016 it’s been 70 years since the four-masted barque "Padua", and now - a training sailing ship, has been sailing the seas and oceans under the name of the great navigator Ivan Kruzenshtern. The barque has literally been given a second, happy and creative life.

The port of registry in Kaliningrad and BFFSA’s jurisdiction became another fortunate circumstance. It happened exactly a quarter of a century ago. For 25 years the Academy showed high standards of management, fully fulfilling the tasks maintenance and operation of the barque. Moreover, under the auspices of the BFFSA the ship has been truly the most recognizable and beloved and even legendary. Various ports around the world meet "Kruzenshtern" as a peace envoy and a welcome guest.

The situation has not changed even because of the latest events where many European countries have tightened relations with Russia, announcing her economic sanctions. As before, "Kruzenshtern" comes to foreign ports, participating in numerous regattas, festivals, and international projects. The ship, so to say, soared above the waves of political passions - she is only interested in the waves of the seas and oceans.

The jubilee navigation "Kruzenshtern" began with the voyage number 119. There were cadets from Astrakhan, Yeisk, Kerch, St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad onboard. These are the cities with educational institutions of the Russian Ministry for Fisheries. The schedule for the first voyage this year was set only one - the Polish port of Swinoujscie. In the second voyage there were five calls at ports of Germany and the Norwegian Larvik.

 “Kruzenshtern’s” farewell ceremony for the third voyage took place at the 18th berth of the Kaliningrad Sea Fishing Port in the presence of students’ relatives and friends. It is noteworthy that the launch coincided with the birthday of the vessel, although some people believe the "correct" date is June 24, not 23. But different views didn’t influence anybody’s mood. Everyone was talking about the unique opportunity to go to sea on the heroic vessel which, as before, is aesthetically beautiful and technically perfect, and properly serves the country and its people. The third voyage was the longest in this navigation, it included the traditional events under the auspices of the Sail Training International association and participation in European maritime festivals. It’s been decided to leave the celebration of the barque’s anniversary for the fall, upon completion of the navigation. As they say, work done, have your fun.